Wrapping up the Semester

Wow! The semester flew by, and writing this post is a little bittersweet. I had never blogged or considered blogging before. Everything was new and challenging; from learning to get to my blog from the main page to copying the right links in order to submit posts as assignments – which I sadly learned the hard way. Having my own blog was definitely a fun experience, and I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much. At first, it was really intimidating to feel as if I was talking to a blank screen, but then seeing people commenting on what they had read and how they related to my experiences was awesome. It was fulfilling and at the same time, slightly terrifying to realize that I had bared my heart to anyone willing to read what I shared. This vulnerability is kind of great and kind of scary at the same time, it definitely requires courage. I have gained even more respect for bloggers! I also enjoyed the assignments we had to complete on our blogs. I mean, reading a book you picked is a lot better than other assignments I’ve had.


Anyway, though I really enjoyed it, I’m not sure if I will have the time to post things regularly and therefore, this might be my last post…but we’ll see. If I continued to post anything after this semester, it would probably be about what I’m learning. Yeah, I’d probably write about the process of becoming a nurse or maybe about what God is teaching me.  Maybe I’d write about things I’m passionate about, such as serving the poor as a part of Hope worldwide, or cats, or my friends, or books I’m reading. Maybe I would share about my perspective on life in the States after living in a different country. By the way, the picture I posted is from the salt-flats in Bolivia. We’ll see!



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