It’s Monday, and I’m not freaking out.

Hi, everybody! It’s Monday and I’m exhausted. If I was not this tired, I’d probably be freaking out about all the homework I have to do… Has it ever happen to you that you know you need to get things done but your level of motivation is dangerously close to 0%? This is how I’m feeling right now. After a fun and busy weekend in Merritt Island celebrating bae’s birthday: walking along the beach, eating junk food and playing volleyball (he did while I watched) until way too late, I am ready to be back home and take a nap. Celebrating him is always great, not sleeping enough not so much (worth it though). Ever since we started dating, he has lovingly flooded me with book recommendations (he loves to read which is fitting since he is starting med school this summer and his life will be reading). I appreciate the gesture as well as other people’s suggestions, but I just don’t have the time to read all of the books I’d like to. Anyway, last week our English Professor told us we could pick any book we wanted to read for our book review and this is the one I picked:


“When parents teach children that setting boundaries or saying no is bad, they are teaching them that others can do with them as they wish.” Henry Cloud and John Townsend  p. 24.

The book “Boundaries” by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend was intimidated at first. I was reluctant to read it for many reasons. It sounded like a self-help book which made me react defensively, “I’m not helpless. I can say no if I want to.” It also seemed selfish to set boundaries and do what I wanted instead of helping someone else or doing what needs to be doing. Though the quote might make it seem like a parenting book, it’s not. Now that I am on page 49 out of 302 pages, I feel like this book is very useful to anyone who wishes to be respected and respectful. I see it more as a psychology book that can help you not be pushed around more than just feel better. The fact that it’s based on scriptures in the Bible that are not misused helps me lower my guard and listed to these people. I’m really looking forward to finishing it and sharing what I have learned!

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Prisoner of Azkaban Review


During spring break I watched the first five Harry Potter movies as I read through J.K. Rowling’s third book: “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.” This is the story of a brave boy who tragically lost his parents as a baby and grew up being mistreated by his mom’s sister’s family. Harry is a loyal, friendly and brave boy who has a soft heart and works hard to be his very best as a friend, a seeker for his quidditch and a student. In these 435 pages we find out more details of his parent’s childhood as we get to know unexpected friends and we also learn more about the night they were murdered by Voldemort because of Harry’s interaction with horrible creatures called dementors, which suck all the happiness out of a person leaving him or her only with their darkest, saddest memories and thoughts. Throughout the school year, Harry manages to be a good friend despite some bumps, pass his classes and learn very useful spells.

“You think the dead we loved ever truly leave us? You think that we don’t recall them more clearly that ever in times of great trouble? Your father is alive in you, Harry, and shows himself most plainly when you have need of him.” Dumbledore, p. 427.

I think that this book is really original and connects many details within the series seamlessly. Rowling does a wonderful job at making us feel invested in the story. I also thought that the unexpected turns were very impressive and also have a deep message: don’t assume you know everything, have an open mind.

My only negative comment about this book is that I think that Harry and Hermione could have done much more than just sit around once they were told they were allowed to use the time-turner in order to save innocent lives. Had they just performed a petrificus totalus on Petigrew at the Shack, the following four years would have been very different. At the same time, I think Rowling’s story development is very realistic. If we are completely honest, life just is not perfect and not everything can go our way no matter how hard we try. This doesn’t mean we should stop trying, it means the exact opposite.

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