Ten Things You May (or May Not) Care to Know About Me

My name is Cami, and on this first post, I’m going to tell you ten random things about me.

1. I am from La Paz, Bolivia. This is a beautiful city at 12,000 ft. of altitude in the middle of the Andes. After I tell people where I’m from they often look puzzled and say, “Nice! Where in Africa is that?” If you are wondering why I’m bringing this up, it’s because Bolivia is in South America. Not Africa.

2. I love cats! I think cats are the funniest and sassiest little fluffy creatures God has created. I know some people don’t like them. That just makes the world a sad place. Some say that cats are mean and conceited. They probably never had a cat, or they terribly annoyed the one they owned. Cats are sweet, loyal and charismatic. Everyone should own a cat. Seriously. They make you a happier individual. (If you are allergic to cats, it’s okay. I am too, and it doesn’t stop me.)

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 Nothing but fluffy happiness


3. I am a Christian. I love Jesus. I am ALWAYS eager to talk to whoever about him. I’m amazed at his character and the way he interacted with those around him. I think he is awesome and worthy of getting to know.

4. I don’t enjoy eating spicy food. I do not understand why people would choose to make eating the food that is supposed to nourish them a painful process. Seriously, people. Why?

5. I love chewing gum. It helps me not eat out of anxiety and not worry about the calories. It’s the best of both worlds!

6. I am an ESFP. I have taken the Myers&Briggs personality test more times than I can remember trying to prove it wrong. ESFP are supposed to love the spotlight and live for the audience. This couldn’t be less accurate for me. I enjoy loud conversations that include a lot of laughter, but I would be perfectly happy wearing an invisibility cloak as well. I know a lot of people feel the same way. They’re told they are an extrovert or an introvert but they don’t feel like one all the time. It’s like being stuck in between.

7. I got married to my best friend in the whole world six months ago. I can be very cheesy and I’ve learned that that’s okay.

8. I have grown to love carbonated water in the past couple of years. I know it tastes weird but now it just tastes like fun water. I like to think that the tears produced by its gas are tears of joy.

9. Coffee doesn’t help me stay awake. I know. It’s tragic.

10. I overthink things. I overthink them to the point of paralysis. I plan everything (even the way pots and pans are supposed to be arranged in their drawer), notice that things are not going according to the detailed plan, and completely abandon the mission and just let things fall into place (literally).

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2 thoughts on “Ten Things You May (or May Not) Care to Know About Me

  1. Coffee doesn’t energize me either. I still like drinking coffee and it is also my favorite ice cream flavor. I completely understand you when it comes to overthinking. It’s a habit I will never be ale able to curb. I feel the same way about pots and pans too.


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